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Thank you for your interest in our custom closet storage business opportunity!


Whether you own a home improvement business now or want to start your own, ClosetMaid offers the products and support you need. All of which continues even after you've become an authorized dealer. As an authorized dealer of our laminate and wire custom storage products, you will have a competitive edge by being able to meet a wide range of customer price points and options.

ClosetMaid Authorized Dealers are made up of independently owned and operated local businesses. ClosetMaid will take care of supplying you with product and support so you can concentrate on selling and marketing. We are happy to provide the following:

  • Ongoing support to help you along the way.

  • The most complete storage product line in the industry.

  • Enjoy the security of knowing you control the success and growth of your business.

  • Operate under your own name, but with the support of the ClosetMaid brand - we're in this with you! We aren't successful unless you are successful.

  • Benefit from our FREE extensive training program.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our program. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you in the near future and would be happy to answer any questions you may have either by phone or by email.


Sharaz Shaikh
ClosetMaid National Sales Manager - Canada

The Benefits Of A Home Organization Dealership

Congratulations, you've chosen a unique and lucrative business venture. You'll be targeting a fast-growing market segment in America: existing homes with lots of messy closets, garages, and a host of other shelving and organizing needs! And just take a look around your own area.

The home organization industry also has the advantage of being relatively young. In the mid-1960s it began as an off-shoot of the home building and remodeling industries. At that time it was a specialty, but since then it's grown into a thriving industry of its own. The fact that the industry is young means that there is still so much room for growth, with fresh opportunities and new products constantly being developed. Today the home organization industry is huge – more than $1 billion annually and growing!

If this all sounds promising to you, read on and discover the benefits of owning not just a closet dealership, but becoming a ClosetMaid Authorized Dealer.

Why ClosetMaid?

The best way to launch your home storage and organization business is with the most recognized and respected name in the industry: ClosetMaid, a partnership with us offers you many benefits, such as:

  • A widely recognizable name brand. We give your business what we call an instant "Big Company Look."

  • Top quality products at a competitive price.

  • A large variety of competitively priced products to organize any room of the home for any budget or lifestyle.

  • Materials which are easy to assemble, easy to install.

  • Free training, as well as extensive support materials.

  • Continued support, even after you’ve launched your business.

Authorized Dealer Tools

Our comprehensive training includes everything you need to know to launch your home organization business. We will professionally train you on the best practices of day to day operations, sales, design, installation and marketing as well as how to use our proprietary design software.

We cover a lot of ground in training, and we understand it's hard to retain so much information. That's why we provide a free CD that has all the training materials so you'll have ready-references to refresh your memory when you're out in the field. In addition to those references we provide you, our team of regional managers and local representatives are just a phone call away. They're always available to listen to your concerns and help you plan the growth of your business.

LiveStorage Software
Our proprietary software allows you to design custom organization systems on your laptop in your client's home. It will not only differentiate your client's experience, it will help you manage pricing, inventory and installations more effectively.

ClosetMaid offers comprehensive marketing tools and digital assets including literature, advertising templates, and lifestyle photography for your own customized literature or advertising programs. You will have all the support you need to start marketing your business with confidence.

ClosetMaid Team

Teamwork. It’s the key to any successful endeavor. ClosetMaid’s senior management executives have a combined tenure with the company of close to 50 years and are the team members responsible for guiding the development of new products and steering the growth of the company. From its headquarters in Ocala, Florida, ClosetMaid provides a number of key players on the team to assist you in everything from achieving your business goals, to fulfilling your product procurement orders and managing the timely delivery of those orders. Additionally, we have a host of regional managers and local representatives to assist you with specific projects and help guide you in the development of your business. Most of our dealers receive a visit from one of these representatives approximately every four to six weeks, so you will never feel alone in running your new business.

Sharaz Shaikh
ClosetMaid National Sales Manager - Canada

Launching A Dealership

Getting your dealership successfully off the ground requires an array of tools and the knowledge to use them wisely. Your partnership with ClosetMaid will give you everything you need not only to get started, but also to continue on through success after success:

We want to get to know you and provide you an opportunity to get to know us. Simply request more information to learn more about how to become our next ClosetMaid Authorized Dealer.

We encourage you to investigate your market opportunity the local competition and define your investment and expectation.

Business Plan
Develop your business plan and analyze your local market opportunity and how to best capitalize on this great opportunity.

ClosetMaid Standard Dealer Agreement
Based on market and plan approval, we will enter into our standard agreement and then you will be given complete access to all the product and support materials ClosetMaid has to offer.